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Introducing One of Our UK Editing Experts

Our dissertation editing services UK have been providing students with everything from how to beat Turnitin to editing and proofreading services for many years. Michael Fletcher was one of the first experts to start working with us and has supported hundreds of students since he joined us. Mike has happily agreed to provide us with his thoughts and wisdom regarding working for our thesis paraphrasing UK services.

Mike currently lives in London in the United Kingdom and works within one of the universities here in the capital. In the past, he has supported students from Oxbridge (Cambridge and Oxford Universities) through to everywhere from Birmingham to Lancaster. He holds a doctorate degree in business administration and spends much of his time in our services working with MBA students helping with everything from 1st-year essays to reviewing their theses.

Difference between Proofreading and Editing

dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: Hi Mike, thank you for agreeing to help us; can you explain to us what the difference is between editing and proofreading through your service?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA: Thank you, it is probably easier to explain proofreading first. Even the best writers will make mistakes when they write, it is unavoidable. We make typos, use the wrong tense, or simply spell something incorrectly as we rush through our work. Proofreading is the process of methodically working through that writing to make an impeccable correction, often correcting Americanisms to proper British spelling for many of our clients. Our dissertation proofreading UK service will ensure that your paper is completely free from any issues, especially those that most software will fail to spot.

Editing, however, is a far more intensive review of your writing. Our dissertation editing services UK look at enhancing the readability of your paper from start to finish. A good editor will look at everything about your writing from the flow and word choices that you have made through to actual accuracy of what you have written. One of the biggest issues that we see with any academic writing is ambiguous or unclear writing, something that will get your paper rejected or returned to you. We work through your dissertation or thesis and provide you with constructive feedback as to how your writing should be improved.

We also provide paraphrasing and summarizing help. This is putting something into your own unique words. Either duplicating it in full for a paraphrase or providing a shortened version for a summary with just the main points. We ensure that all points are covered accurately with text duplication excluded so that you can avoid any plagiarism.

Dissertation Editing Services UK – Why Resort to Professional Editors?

dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: Why do students turn to your services?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA: I am sure at some point you will have looked back at something that you have written months ago and will have spotted glaring errors in your writing of some form. Something that jumps out from the page totally obvious to you. However, you missed it when you wrote the piece and checked it. The reason for this is that you become overly familiar with your writing and when you review it you tend to see what you wanted to write, not always what you have actually put down on the page.

Trained professional proofreaders and editors approach their task in a methodical and very precise manner. Unlike overburdened students, they don’t have any preconceived ideas like of what the paper is about or how it is written. Their skills ensure that they can spot errors and other issues that you simply will not. Submitting a paper that has issues can have some very serious consequences.

Other times students simply do not have enough time to get the work done due to their high workload.

Can I Skip Dissertation Proofreading? Consequences of Superficial Approach

dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: You have mentioned serious consequences; what would submitting poor work result into?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA:  All universities and colleges in the UK expect writing to be completed to high academic standards. Not meeting those standards could cause:

  • Lower grades: even if you have covered the subject area well if your spelling and grammar are poor the chances are that you will not get a decent grade. No matter how you look at it most grading is fairly subjective, so make a poor impression and you will get poor grades.
  • Rejected papers: when it comes to your thesis and dissertation you have to remember that these documents will be held within the library of the university. They expect you to achieve perfection with your writing just as is expected from any other publication held there. So any mistakes could see your paper being returned for revisions or simply being rejected if they think that the issues are too great.
  • Poor reputation: once your teacher or supervisor starts seeing poor quality work from you they begin to expect it. Even if you turn in something that is top quality you grades may still suffer due to your past records.

Constructive Feedback on Our Thesis Paraphrasing UK Services

dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: Has anyone ever complained about your work?

professional phd paraphrasing uk A: Writing is subjective in many ways. What reads well for one person may seem overly formal or simply “not right” for another. Our dissertation paraphrasing services in the United Kingdom often find that clients simply want something done in a different manner to suit them. This is why our thesis paraphrasing UK offers unlimited revisions.

I always try to ensure that we follow what the client wants as we all want them to get the results that they need. This can mean revisiting papers for issues such as:

  • To correct personal facts about them, this can often happy when working on things such as personal statements for UCAS.
  • To change how a paraphrase has been worded: our PhD paraphrasing UK will change that wording for you so that it will always read just as you want it.
  • To provide alternative edits: there are many ways that a piece of writing can be changed to improve it. Sometimes clients are happy with them, sometimes they would rather stick with what they originally written, and other times they will be looking for additional options to choose from. We will happily work with the client to achieve the precise style of writing they are seeking.
dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: Do students get high grades with your help?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA: While we cannot guarantee high grades or that papers will be accepted we do usually help students achieve what they are looking for. We offer our clients British dissertation editors and paraphrasing experts that work closely with them to achieve the best results. We also provide all of our clients with:

  • Free proofreading
  • Plagiarism testing
  • Around the clock support
  • Unlimited revisions
dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: What is the quickest that you have ever completed work?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA: Students often want work completed in a rush having left things to the last minute. I have proofread and formatted the literature review of a doctoral dissertation in a little under 6 hours. Having more time is always better, and certainly you could not hope to edit a complete set of work for a dissertation or thesis in just a few hours, not if you want good results. That being said we will always ensure that work is done as quickly as you need it.

Clients of Our Dissertation Paraphrasing Services in the United Kingdom

Q: What fields can you help in? What do your clients study?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA: My personal areas are within business, accounting, and entrepreneurship as this is where my personal qualifications lay. I can also help with more general editing, proofreading and paraphrasing if it is not too subject specific, I certainly would not personally try to paraphrase a paper in law or medicine for instance as I simply would not be happy to do so.

That being said, our editing and dissertation paraphrasing UK services have many experts as well qualified as myself in many other disciplines such as:

  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  • Dentistry
  • Mathematics
  • Law
  • And many others
dissertation paraphrasing uk helpQ: Where do your clients study?

professional phd paraphrasing ukA: Over the years I would guess that I have helped students from many of the Universities in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Some of the most frequent help that I provide is for:

  • Universities of Cambridge and Oxford
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • The UCL
  • King’s College London
  • Imperial
  • Manchester University
  • University of Edinburgh

Thank you, Mike, for your time and your answers, I certainly know now where to come if I need help to review my dissertation or need someone to reword my essay in UK.

We are always willing to help the clients of our dissertation editing services UK and to talk to someone that is interested in what we do.

Get in touch with our dissertation editing services UK today to get to work with Michael or one of our many other highly qualified experts!