3 –°rosscultural Differences in Writing and Paraphrasing Styles

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There are cultural differences in writing and paraphrasing styles that you need to know if you want to come up with a successfully paraphrased text. But before anything else, what’s paraphrase? At the very least, it’s your rendition or version of the most important information you found from a source or someone else. Let’s discuss it further in the following.
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Tips for Rewriting

  • Paraphrase only the key sentences based on your purpose.
  • Use your own writing style.
  • Stick with the original meaning and never add your opinion.
  • Avoid excessive quoting.
  • You should keep revising and don’t forget to check your paper for plagiarism.
  • Use some tags or keywords to remind you about what you’re paraphrasing.

What’s Paraphrasing?

It’s a legitimate way of borrowing ideas or information from a source, provided that it is accompanied by a citation. It must be a detailed restatement of the original and should focus on the main idea. You can read more about paraphrasing and find direct “paraphrase my essay in UK” help on our website too.

Should You Practice Paraphrasing?

Yes, you should because it is a skill you need no matter your industry. It also hones your comprehension and writing skills. As you may already know, you can unsuccessfully paraphrase text if you don’t understand it. Paraphrasing is also better than just quoting information, preventing you from too much quoting in your essay. Click here and learn how to do UK paraphrasing.

Cultural Differences in Writing: Main Steps in Paraphrasing

    1. You must reread the text until you fully understood its meaning.
    2. You should also set the original source aside or close your browser windows when paraphrasing to paraphrase easier and faster other than when working while you’re looking at the source.
    3. Take down notes and use for reference later when double-checking your work for any missed information. Writing down notes can also help you learn what to and how you want the paraphrase done.
    4. When done, check your version with the original to ensure that your version is accurately expressing the meaning of the information of the source.
    5. Using unique terms and phrases, you can use quotation marks as a reminder that you have borrowed them as is.

5 Countries That Paraphrase Text the Most

    • Philippines
    • The United Arab Emirates
    • UnitStatesed
    • South Africa
    • Malaysia

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