How Much Do Paraphrasing Services Charge in Leeds?

what paraphrasing a text means

Leeds-Based Paraphrasing Services

Like other cities of the world, Leeds is also one of those places where paraphrasing services andĀ proofreading UK servicesĀ are high in demand these days. From the students to the newbie content writers/writing firms, the services of rephrasing have made their lives easier a lot.

Average Rates with Cost Per Word or Page

If you live in Leeds and are still unfamiliar with the current rates of paraphrasing services, then here is a detailed guide for you. Paraphrasing is related to change the structure and words in the sentences. However, you canā€™t make any changes in the actual meaning of the passage or the whole draft. Have a look at the average rates of the article rewording taken from the trusted online and offline sources.

For 500 Words

The average rate charged for paraphrasing services in Leeds is 14 GBP with the formatting. The standard service delivery time is 72 hours. If you also include plagiarism check, then the fee would go to 15.5 GBP. This is the average rate for per page or 500 words offered by most of the paraphrasing services providers.

For a word, the average rate is 0.025 GBP. This rate is being offered by excluding the formatting and plagiarism checking services.

Paraphrasing a Text Means 100% Best Quality Content Delivery in Leeds

If anyone prefers to buy paraphrasing services in Leeds, the first thing asked from the company is about assurance of quality work. The rates of services lie between 12 to 16 GBP for 500 words. This shows the average rate of 14 GBP for one page of a paraphrased article. A standard span of time taken by most of the online and offline firms is 72 hours (4 days). The 100% guarantee of generating quality text is given by the services providing firms.Find out how toĀ paraphrase Beowulf like a pro!

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Whatā€™s Included

What does it mean to paraphrase a text? Paraphrasing a text means to include these extra services for rewriting the content:

  • Rewording all the sentences by adding proper citations and quotations.
  • Changing the tone of text content (if required) by making it more business or academic-oriented.
  • Clarifying that where citations need to be referenced and adding notes to explain paraphrasing decisions.
  • Use of accurate and appropriate format for adding references.
  • Changes are highlighted that helps the clients to reject or accept modifications by a quick review. This provides convenience to see the changes made without paying a lot of attention.
  • The separate blank page is also provided to get feedback on the work. Clients either write about making more amendments or praise the whole work as well.

The latest average fee charged for the paraphrasing services in Leeds is being shared in this article. Now you can easily decide to hire professional rephrasing services in Leeds.