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100% uniqueness while conveying your idea.

Text flowing logically, with eloquent sentences supporting the topic.

Correct use of language, definitions, and terms.

Proper use of syntax, language, style, and grammar.

Correct structure, format, references, and in-text citations.

The detailed and correct reference list at the end of the task.

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Our team works hard on client texts to deliver exceptional papers.

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Feel it’s a bit wrong, but the task was so confusing… Got an A, though. Thanks!
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If only you could see my tutor’s face… And I didn’t even have time to read it yet, ha-ha.
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Want to Pass Turnitin Checker Review?

Changing the phrases by keeping original meaning was never so simple task. It requires years of learning and practice. It is quite similar to writing any text content. If you know the process of reformulating sentences, you probably also know how to avoid Turnitin plagiarism or make proper corrections to the content.

There is a popular Turnitin plagiarism checker. Many students and writers use this program for checking the uniqueness or grammatical mistakes of the text. Take a look at the few major features of this software that actually hit many other text uniqueness checking programs.

Can Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?

Can Turnitin checker detect paraphrasing? There are not any clear pieces of evidence that show how to avoid Turnitin detection. This is a renowned online generator that only checks copytext of the content in an appropriate manner. Many people spread this word that it is an ideal tester, which isn’t indexed. For detection, there are many other tools available online. The transformed content is mostly considered as uncopied and unique. Therefore, it can’t be called piracy (in case you decide to change the structure of the main text and beat Turnitin without changing the original meaning).

There are certain useful ways or tips on how to beat Turnitin that allows people to get rid of the notifications. People try different ways with plagiarism checker Turnitin and escape from being caught for engaging in unlawful and dishonest action. Some useful ways are shared below:

  • The 2-words rule. The row you’ve found from the text must not copy any text verbatim with more than two words. In the case of neglecting this rule, the plagiarizing would be shown.
  • Quotation marks. It needs you to use quotation marks in the text if you do use more than two words together exactly mentioned in the published content.
  • Sentence structure. Replacing three to four words in a sentence by the synonyms and keeping the same structure would show bad results. If you think that your content will become unique by adding a few synonyms, then you may have to face multiple rejections or disapprovals of the assignments or academic papers.
  • References. The citation is an effective way that allows avoiding getting reports of copied text. It is necessary to show the name of the content’s owner and then use it without any hesitation.
  • Voice usage. Though it is not quite suggested to do but changing the active voice sentences into passive voice ones are also best to get unique text content. Even such popular app can’t find directly copied words for such rephrased sentences.
  • Resort to professional help. Turn for Turnitin help to simply words correcting services. Despite the fact that it’ll cost you some money, professional writers can do all the job for you and save your time and nerves.
  • Similarity Reports

    The similar areas or matching of text found in a submitted paper can be checked through the Similarity Report feature. A corresponding colour and percentage indicating the success or failure of finding any not your own writing through Similarity Report icon. The greater the text’s amount in submission which found as matching against information, the higher would be the percentage.

    The Percentage in the Form of Colors

    The colours indicate different levels of plagiarizing that has been found in any report. Red shows 75 to 100 per cent of the copied text, orange shows 50 to 74 per cent, yellow shows 25 to 49 per cent, green shows one word to 24 per cent matching and blue shows 0%.

    Direct Source Comparison Feature

    Matching text to the match’s source repositories is compared by a user through direct source comparison. Unless the students are enrolled in the class, the matches to the papers of other students aren’t offered by this feature.

    The Most Useful Turnitin Plagiarism Tools You Will Regret Missing

    Have a look at the best and more useful tools that you should suggest to others as well.

  • Paraphrasingonline.com provides free rephrasing help to all visitors to our website. It gives almost instant results, however, like any other automatic apps, the modified texts require manual proofreading before submission.
  • Rephraser.net is the ideal choice for checking the rephrasing of text content. This has numerous benefits of providing speed up results in a very small period of time.
  • Nonplagiarismgenerator.com is another best app that allows instant rephrasing of your content without any hassle. The Turnitin online tool doesn’t change the meaning of the text. You can use it without any limits of words.
  • Paraphrasingtool.net is another machine that can be used to change the proper sentence structure by keeping the actual meaning of the sentences. This device is ideal for many aspects. It doesn’t simply spin the text by changing the meaning from start to the end.
  • Paraphrasegenerator.org the foremost alternative of a professional expert. It is ideal for plenty of tasks connecting with writing by providing cost-effective solutions. By ensuring that your content is unique from the original source, it is another dependable website to use when you want to remove copy-paste parts of the text.
  • All of this Turnitin UK software is highly suggested. You can choose any of these to change any copied content into the unique text or just try to reduce duplicates with the help of these tools. You can recommend these tools to any student without any reluctance.

    This software checks the same sentences as well as rephrase the content in the best possible manner. There is no surety about the tools other than the mentioned ones. You can use other paid or free tools at your own risk as the trusted ones have already been discussed here.