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Beowulf Paraphrasing – General Advice on How to Paraphrase Poem

The greatest surviving and longest Anglo-Saxon poem is said to be as Beowulf. The origin of this poem is the Southwestern location of Sweden and Denmark. The Scylding Royal Dynasty’s genealogy is shown as the introduction and brief overview of the poem.

Learn how to paraphrase and beat turnitin or how to paraphrase poem considering any poem from our Beowulf paraphrase example. This poem is based on pure English literature language that is difficult to paraphrase. You would find it too hard to get suitable synonyms for such unique vocabulary of Beowulf. This anonymously written poem is being read by the students of many generations to the date. However, nothing is difficult if you’re determined to complete it. There are a few famous lines taken from this poem that can be paraphrased in the given way.

“Nor will I. My lord Higlac
Might think less of me if I let my sword
Go where my feet were afraid to, if I hid
Behind some broad linden shield: my hands
Alone shall fight for me, struggle for life
Against the monster. God must decide
Who will be given to death’s cold grip.
Grendel’s plan, I think, will be
What it has been before, to invade this hall
And gorge his belly with our bodies. If he can,
If he can. And I think if my time will have come,
There’ll be nothing to mourn over, no corpse to prepare
For its grave: Grendel will carry our bloody
Flesh to the moors, crunch on our bones
And smear torn scraps of our skin on the walls
Of his den. No I expect no Danes …”

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Given Passage’s Paraphrase of Beowulf

It has been said in the poem that if Beowulf could only turn to a battle behind a linden shield with his sword, then his feudal lord would lose respect for the Beowulf. To do any battle, he doesn’t need any kind of war. He said that he is going with the bare hands to meet the beast. Then, he would say that defeat or victory shall not rest with the beat or Beowulf while honoring God. The attack of Grendel was expected by the Beowulf as he knew that they would bring many soldiers by breaking into the mead hall and eating them. The creatures will be victorious, warriors won’t be able to stop him if the monster is able to do so. With the own possible end, Beowulf makes peace. He is resigned to this in case of death against the beast. Grendel shall take the dead bodies to fen for their eating so no one will need to bury his body. That will be the end of his life when he’ll rub scraps of the bodies over the wall.

Paraphrase Lines 125-131 in Beowulf

The lines from 125 to 131 in Beowulf are discussing the trouble faced by Beowulf in the twelve years of his life. With plentiful ceaseless problems and sorrows, he did the scyldings sorvan and endured the trouble for twelve years. This news was spread in the people of tribes and they wasn’t happy with the Grendel as he hated everyone and only wanted to kill others as well. He wrought murder and massacre year after year and unendingly harassed Hothgar.

The English sentence order of Object/Verb/Subject is one of the interesting things about the passage in line 125. The structure with this series is properly written indeed. This line would be read if written in the order of Subject/Verb/Object is He bore the trouble twelve years’ tide….” Further, “sorrows in plenty, boundless cares” substitute a relative wh-clause, which, if written out, would read as: “which was sorrows in plenty and boundless cares.” This sentence can also be written with full modification in the given way.

“He, sovran of Scyldings, bore the trouble twelve years’ tide, which was sorrows in plenty and boundless cares.”

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Helpful Paraphrasing Poem Tools vs Human Paraphrase

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