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Do You Need to Cheat Turnitin?

Essays and other papers should always be your own work. The temptation today, however, is that you can simply copy a whole essay or parts of it directly from the internet and submit it as your own work. Because of this many schools, colleges and universities will use software to check the originality of your work. So if you are going to do this you need to know how to trick Turnitin if your work is to be accepted.

Often you will struggle with time to get your work completed or will simply have issues with the subject itself. So often you will need to turn to the internet or other sources for inspiration for your writing. If you are not skilful in such activity, you will still find that you have a high score for similarity.

This system uses algorithms that work in a similar way to a search engine to discover if any of your paper is reflected elsewhere within their database of past papers, publications and web sites. This information and the algorithm itself are regular updates to maintain an accurate method for checking papers.

Academic Papers
Website Content
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What Is the Similarity Index and What Is Acceptable?

When your tutor runs your paper through a soft they will be provided with a similarity score which can range from zero to 100%. 100% simply means that the software has matched your whole paper to information within its papers database and online. The software will review your writing against what is recorded online and also against papers that are kept within its papers database. So resubmission of an essay will often result in a 100% similarity score as your paper will already be there if previously tested.

An acceptable score of text uniqueness in UK will very much depend on your tutor. However, the software itself suggests that anything below 25% is acceptable. After all most papers will have quotes, and references that will themselves show up as copies. Anything over 25% may be grounds for investigation.

Just because a page scores low or high however does not mean anything is correct or incorrect. Any score is a reason to investigate. A high score can be gained due to using a large number of sources. This can make a lengthy bibliography show up as copied as well as any quotes and other information that you may have used. A low score may also be a cause for concern. After all, 20% may have been caused by the bibliography or it may have been caused by the author blatantly copying a large chunk of text from elsewhere.

Reduce Similarity in Your Paper

If you want to ensure that you have a low similarity score when your work is checked then the following tips on how to cheat Turnitin will help you:

  • Always write in your own words. The simplest way to avoid any matches at all is to simply write everything in your own unique words. While you may occasionally unintentionally repeat something you may have read it is unlikely that you will create any large amounts of copied material.
  • Avoid mistakes. Often students will copy information into a paper to change later into their own words. Forgetting to do so will make it look like you have plagiarized. So always copy in a different colour if you are to do this.
  • Ensure quotations have quotation marks. Use inverted commas or your quotation will show up as copied in the check.
  • Ensure that your citations are done. Correctly cited information will be seen as not being plagiarized. But forgetting to cite is a big no-no.
  • Cite your own previous writing. If you have reused some of your own previous writing then use citations and quotations marks so that it is seen as a quotation.
  • Summarize with care. When you summarize you will need to ensure that you do not simply repeat some of the key pieces of information as it was written. Make sure that you put it into your own unique words.
  • Make it correctly. It means you have to write what others have said into your own very unique language. It requires you to repeat the understanding of what you have said but without reusing any of the source text.

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Deal with It Smartly

If you want to know how to cheat Turnitin plagiarism then it can be helpful to know some of the many ways that some students have tried. The following are just some of the ideas that students have implemented as Turnitin cheat:

  • Utilizing images. One way to make a piece of copied text invisible to the software is to simply include this on your page as an image. The software will not see the text that is there, but anyone reading the paper will think that they are reading normal text. This can be an effective way to avoid detection but it will require careful formatting on your part if your tutor is not to notice. The other issue is that the software could easily raise the fact that your word count is suspiciously low highlighting the use of the images.
  • Using non-English characters. There are a number of characters from alternative alphabets that look just like the usual roman characters that we use every day. So you could, for instance, use the Cyrillic “e” instead of the usual one. The problem with this is that you will be going to a huge amount of work for nothing. This software is wise to this dodge and are able to detect the use of special characters within your words and will still be able to spot piracy.
  • Using macros. There are some that will suggest that using macros within your text will help you with how to cheat Turnitin UK. The software will now strip all macros from a document before it gets to work.
  • Using additional text in white. You could use text that is in white so that it simply will not show up on the screen when someone views your file. This can allow you to put in words to break up the plagiarized text so that it no longer appears as a copy. Again, however, this is not going to work. The software is going to highlight abnormal word lengths as well as displaying all of the text, even if it is in white on the originality report which is text only.
  • Including large areas within quotation marks. This will not automatically remove text from the checks being performed as the checker has some control over this. Even if they do instruct the software to exclude any text that is within quotation marks which would exclude your quotations, the software will still give a warning. It will let the checker know that a large percentage of the paper lays within quotation marks allowing them to investigate further.

how to reduce similarity on turnitin UK guidance

How Can You Submit a Paper with Acceptable Scores?

Knowing how to cheat on Turnitin before submitting will help you to give your paper a quick check to highlight any issues. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that once you check your paper will now be in the database and your tutor will be checking against it when they make their check.

The best way to avoid any issues is to simply make use of our professional services. We will be able to help you to ensure that you submit writing that will not be seen as overly similar to the reports generated. If you are taking credit for another’s ideas without making citations then it is. If however, you are just repeating well-versed ideas as part of your writing then it is not.

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