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What Is a Paraphrase in an Essay

If you are looking for someone to reword my essay in UK then you must first understand what paraphrasing is. It is putting someone else’s ideas and writing into your own unique language that is different from the original. Often this is done to refocus the writing for a different audience, to simplify it, or to simply avoid any issues with plagiarism or copying. Our paraphrasing and dissertation editing services UK can help you to achieve the best results with this often difficult task.

Many find the process of paraphrasing very time consuming and far harder than they expect it to be. Most people will end up using many of the original words and phrases just as they are used in the source text or they will change the meaning in some manner. This is why so many will look for an essay rewriter UK to help avoid plagiarism and to get the writing done accurately.

We offer you a full range of services to help with “rewrite my essay UK” or “rewrite my thesis in UK. You can use our free automatic paraphrasing tool to rewrite your paper or you can work with one of our qualified experts for the superior quality rewriting of your essay.

How Can I Reword My Essay in UK English?

Learning how to paraphrase in an essay does not have to be difficult if you take some time to consider what you are trying to achieve. The following tips will help you to fully understand how to “reword my text in UK” or “rewrite my thesis“:

  • Know your reasons for rewriting: paraphrasing for a different audience, to simplify something, or simply avoid plagiarism will all affect how you will rewrite.
  • Read the source text to be sure that you fully understand it: rewriting is about understanding not simply using synonyms for individual words.
  • Make careful notes of each point that has been raised in the text: make your notes in your own unique words, do not repeat the words from the original.
  • Arrange your notes: often there is a better or more appropriate order for you to organize the notes in for rewriting. A paraphrase does not have to be organized in the same manner as the original.
  • Rewrite with reference only to your notes: never look back at the original when you conduct your rewriting.
  • Compare the original and your copy: if you have inadvertently repeated any text then change it to make it unique. Also ensure that you have kept the full meaning of the original with no changes.
  • Proofread: all writing should be of your best and this means checking it carefully so that no issues are able to slip through when you submit your work.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Tool or Manual Paraphrasing

Our professional paper paraphrasing London offers you a free rewording tool to use. This tool can provide you with free and quick paraphrasing. However, the results are not always what you would hope for. You need to consider the pros and cons of using automatic tools vs using a paid service for manual paraphrasing such as using our essay reworder UK.

Pros and cons of using an automatic reworder:

Pros Cons
Totally free to use Cannot target a specific purpose such as to simplify
Very quick to provide rewording – simply copy and paste in most cases Often makes mistakes selecting synonyms resulting in poor text
Can be accesses anytime from anywhere online Can change the original meaning
Unique Plagiarism Free text Requires time to review if you are to use the results

Pros and cons of using a manual rewriting service:

Pros Cons
Focuses on the audience Takes time to achieve
High-quality writing Has to be paid for
100% plagiarism-free
Coherent and logical

Where Can You Paraphrase My Essay in UK?

You can access our paraphrasing and proofreading services UK from anywhere online 24/7 through our website. Our around the clock services are easy to use and can support you in places such as:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge

Why Work with Our UK Paraphrasing Services?

Our aim is always to provide our clients with the support that they can rely on and writing that they can be proud of. We do this by offering highly qualified and very experienced staff that fully understand the issues that you face. They are dedicated to providing you with excellent rewriting and editing in British English.

Not only do you get the best-qualified staff you also benefit from:

  • Unlimited revisions. We want all writing to be exactly as you want it and will make any changes that you feel may be needed to achieve your full satisfaction with the service.
  • Originality. All of our experts understand the importance of fully unique work when paraphrasing. All rewritten text is provided with a plagiarism report to confirm the rewriting is unique.
  • Free proofreading.  We make sure that every service delivers high-quality work by using our fully certified proofreaders to review your work.
  • Never late. No matter how quickly you need us to help you we will always get your rewriting completed inside of the agreed time.
  • Money-back guarantee This option is based on your full satisfaction with our paraphrasing UK services.

If you need someone to reword my essay in UK English get in contact with our highly reliable and effective professional services here today!